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Need Some Help Moving Your Site & Database?

Maybe you are tired of your current host. Maybe you are consolidating multiple sites. Maybe your Blog is getting so many hits you need to move to a more robust server right away. Whatever the case, we understand sometimes you have to move your site. Ofen this process can be a task. Even more often, you don’t have the time or understanding to do it yourself. -This is where we come in. We can help to migrate MOST SITES and MOST DATABASES. However, please read the warning message below.

-Migrating sites can be a complex task. We will need to meet with you first and discuss the migration before deciding if we should attempt.  We will need usernames and passwords.  We will have direct access to your files.  You can not just ask us to move, and then it will be done.  Not all site migrations will be successful.  The scripting of your site and the configuration of the new server may cause issues.  If for any reason a site migration is not successful you will only be charged our hourly rate for work done.  You will not be refunded the full amount.  If a site has issues on the new server but the files were moved successfully we can charge an hourly rate to attempt to fix issues.  If we are not able to fix, you can contact another developer to take a look.  We will always work with you, and make every attempt to finish the migration.  However, no site migrations are guaranteed.  If you are still interested in having us attempt a site migration please Contact Us using the form to the right.

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