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More Than Nerds Pushing Buttons

We consult with you to get you what your business needs. We aren’t just nerds writing code, pushing buttons, and listening to techno music in a dark room somewhere.

Some companies guaranty low prices and super fast turn arounds, but forget how important a website is for you. They have you send a couple pictures, and choose a couple colors and throw together a site.

Think about your website as a house. Do you want a prebuilt manufactured home that offers you no say in the look, feel, or layout? Or would you rather have a say in the entire build, and end up with a home that meets and exceeds all of your needs?

At Free the Line we want to build the Home, or I mean Website of your Dreams! You help with design, and we stay in contact with you to make sure we have all of the content we need. You have a better understanding of what you do than we do, so we want to leverage your expertise to make sure the site is perfect. Yeah sure, this means you have to do a little bit of work with us. We get it, you are already busy, so we will work with your schedule and make the process fun and rewarding.

Need to be able to add content and make changes yourself once the site is online? Don’t want to wait days for us to make a simple change like adding a product, changing your hours of business, or updating a new phone number? We can build your site right into a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla. Once we are done building the site we will get you your own login, and even do a short class to teach you how to make quick updates. Still having issues? All you have to do is contact us, and we can make changes for you.

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