SSL Certificate Installation

Get Your Customers Sensitive Information Secured Right Now

The SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is often misunderstood. Lets focus on what it does. An SSL secures information as it travels. This means that when your site is taking someone’s Credit Card number or Home Address it is encrypted, and therefore secured as it is sent out. This means that you are being a responsible business owner, and keeping your customer’s sensitive data under wraps. You are keeping this sensitive information out of the slimy hands of the bad guys, and therefore we can come to the conclusion that just as you have thought all along – YOU ARE A SUPERHERO! Now you can write your mom and let her know you were write all along.

Many people won’t even submit a form let alone purchase anything from a site that doesn’t show it has SSL protection installed. As a matter of fact, if you want to take credit-cards through your site you have to install an SSL. So now you know how important an SSL is, if you didn’t know all ready.

Lets get to the good stuff though. How can we help you with your SSL. Well, SSL certificates are fairly complicated to install if you aren’t familiar with the process. We can help you to get one installed. We have installed many SSL certificates ourselves. First, we will need to run a check with you to make sure we have access to everything we need to finish the installation. Then we will need to schedule a good time – usually late night on a weekend. If you want to get the process started Contact Us using the form to the Right, and lets get that SSL certificate installed.

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