Search Engine Optimization

It’s Not Magic

We don’t guaranty placement on the first page of Google. We don’t have a magic formula that tricks Google into thinking your site is more important than it really is. The truth is, most of that is old school thinking. It was how lots of SEO gurus bought yachts during the early 2000’s, but it is a dead art.  Search Engine Optimization has changed immensely in just the last couple years. We aren’t magicians, but we do have a couple tricks up our sleeves.

Search Engines these day are running algorithms that are focused on content. That means you need a content rich site, with lots of references to what you do, and the right keywords. If you want a site with great descriptions, content richer than chocolate cake, and the best placement possible – We can help.

In most cases you are going to understand what you do better than us. Your expertise in your field or industry makes you an expert on the lingo, and sometimes that is exactly what we need to tap into. For this reason we will consult with you to find the best keywords and content for your industry. We will then use this information to get really nerdy and conjure a meta data spell that would leave Merlin scratching his head. We will write up some content that is full of just what Search Engines need to know about your site, and make sure it is easy for the right people to find!

Many people focus on the first page of Google for the wrong reasons. Lets say you are a Plumber, and you service the amazing people of Prescott Arizona. You don’t really travel much outside of Prescott, and know that there are tons more people out there that need your help. Well, for you focusing on getting to the first page of Google when people search “Plumber”, is somewhat of a lost cause. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t doubt it if someone found you one day with your head stuck in a toilet out of frustration. What you should be focused on is coming up in searches when people are looking for “Prescott Arizona Pluming”. Trust me, it will be alot easier, and we won’t need to pull your noggin’ out of a kamode anytime soon.  That is the audience you really need to reach.

So Search Engine Optimization isn’t magic. We can’t make you look more important than you actually are, but we can make sure search engines know exactly what you do, and who should be finding you. Let us write up some content for your site, and conjure that secret spell of ours.

– Google Placmentonium.

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